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2005 "BIGFOOT and The Loch Ness Monster!"

Preston Farms Sixth Annual Cornfield Maze

This year our seven acre maze is inhabited by two enormous legendary creatures. You can plan on sightings of both Bigfoot and Nessie in our cornfield, in monstrous sizes and still growing. Sightings of BIGFOOT are rare in Connecticut and even rarer of Nessie outside of Scotland. Remember, it is far better to be the first person in your neighborhood to sight this pair… and not the last.
We believe that our BIGFOOT and Nessie are the largest creatures of their species on earth! Fortunately, they haven’t been aggressive…yet. But, then again, the season is only beginning.

We aren’t sure yet if the creatures are carnivorous or herbivorous.
Please take small children by the hand.

We are continuing with our Maze Challenge game again this year,
allow 45 minutes to 2 hours for completion.

Mazing is the greatest fall sport ever grown!
~ We love to get you lost! ~

Preston Farms

92 Route 2
Preston, Connecticut 06365
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