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Preston Farms Twelth Annual Cornfield Maze

All Star Maze 2011!

Preston Farms twelth Annual Corn Maze has a fun theme.

Maze Maker Jerry really out did himself this year and designed a
unique combination of two well kwown ballparks. A version of the
exciting and fabulous Fenway Park with it's Green Monster and
the lesser known and misguidedly loved...Yankee Stadium is growing
in our field.

There are 16 stamping stations to find (or not) and 3-5 miles to trek while enjoying some of the greatest classics ever produced.
Set aside 2 hours for a whole lot of family fun!

For those of you seeking the easy way out ... forget it!
That is called the maze makers revenge.

Mazing is the greatest fall sport ever grown!
~ We love to get you lost! ~

Preston Farms

92 Route 2
Preston, Connecticut 06365
-Since 1923-
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